Hot Water System not Working?

For the most part we only tent to think about our hot water system when it doesn’t work!

As we are all lucky enough to live in Sydney, the want for hot water is just on the other side of the turn of a tap.

  • Have you ever been unfortunate to be in the shower with hair full of shampoo and suddenly no hot water?
  • What about needing to run a bath for your little ones and there is no hot water?
  • Perhaps you have had to boil the kettle to do the washing up?
  • A family member took a longer shower and used all the hot water
Hot Water System services

None of these things are very enjoyable at all!

There can be several reasons that your hot water stops working.

  • The power has been tripped
  • You may have a timer of your power supply
  • The thermostat is not set correctly
  • A faulty electric thermostat
  • A faulty heating element
  • Someone had a very long shower
  • If you have a gas heater the pilot light may be out
  • Your hot water heater needs to be replaced

Regardless of the reason a plumber is the best person to call. The plumber will be able to inspect and advise on a solution (repair or replacement) for you to again have hot water.

Your plumber can advise you on the model you have or need to meet your requirements and ensure that you once again have hot water.

Chief Plumbing offers you a 24/7 emergency service – So that if you have a burst hot water system we can attend quickly.