Do you know if your Drainage is working?

Drainage is one of those things that we only tend to think about when it isn’t working!

You don’t always have to wait until you have a problem with your drainage. By having your plumbing inspected you can ensure that you know you drainage is working and you know that you may need to make repairs.

Drainage can be of concern when it hasn’t rained for a while as general debris doesn’t get washed away!

Drainage repairs

Drainage is not just for homes, business has many different types of drainage too. Just think of hairdressers, commercial kitchens, mechanical workshops, schools, and more. There are so many environments that need to ensure that their water and liquids are dealt with correctly.

For example: Commercial kitchens have grease traps to ensure their waste is dealt with correctly and it doesn’t all go down into the sewer.

Drainage types around your property

Stormwater Drainage – This is the drainage you have to keep water away from your home and ultimately your property.

It includes:

  • Gutters and Down Pipes
  • Landscape Drainage
  • Stormwater Pits
  • Underground Pits and Pumps
  • Water Tanks – Above ground or below
  • Underground Stormwater Channels and Pipes

Waste water Drainage – This is the drainage you have to remove your bathroom, kitchen and laundry waste water. Depending on your home you may have your water tanks providing water to flush your toilets or you may be recycling basin water to your garden etc.

It includes:

  • Sewer Pipes – Toilet Drainage
  • Shower Drainage
  • Sink and Floor Drainage
  • Commercial Drainage from business

Think about the drainage at your home – ask the kids if they can find it all around your house!

  • Are your gutters clear of leaves and debris?
  • Check your down pipes too!
  • Are there any visible drains and pits your can check yourself?
  • Have a think about the last time it rained – were there any issues you had with water trying to get away or did you have water issues?
  • Does your toilet always flush properly?
  • Does your bath drain well or very slowly?
  • What about your shower and basin’s do they all drain well?
  • If you are in a large residential property, are your drains regularly checked and maintained?
  • Commercial properties need regular maintenance, do you have a schedule of maintenance?

If you are unsure about any of these items, contact the team at Chief Plumbing and we can let you know how we can provide you with an inspection of your plumbing. An inspection will advise you of any issues or potential issues that you may need to think about in the future.

It will always be cheaper to rectify any issues before you have an emergency of blocked drainage somewhere. Contact Chief Plumbing